• HIRE Supply Service offers a vast array of products that can be located within several well known classifications.
    If you don't find it here, feel free to Contact Us anytime to inquire about the item(s) you seek.

    • Office
    • Janitorial
    • Sanitation
    • Warehouse
    • Maintenance Supplies
    • Toner and Ink
    • Gloves
    • Ribbons
    • Computer Parts
  • When you need assistance finding or matching a particular part for your model of hardware device, we can research it and locate it for you.
    Whatever the case, the results will be more cost effective for you. Why should you buy at Hire Supply Service?

    • | RESPONSIVE architecture | website is accessible by all types of devices. User Interface adapts and fits into every screen size:
      desktops, notebooks, tablets and mobile devices.
    • User friendly navigation
    • Easy PayPal payment system
    • CERTIFIED PayPal Seller
    • OEM products and Name Brands available
    • Lower Prices
    • Knowledgeable and Friendly Customer Support

"I have been importing goods from the United States for my store in South America for many years. HSS as been making it possible and seamless every step of the way. My business could not thrive the way it does if I could not rely on their support."

Martin Griffith

We Set You Up...

Some of the best attributes a business can harness include diversity and adaptability. Organizations are praised and revered for being ahead-of-the-curve. Proactive rather than reactive. This is often applicable to pioneers in their respective fields, technology manufacturers, engineers and sports franchises. In the ever-evolving internet landscape, however, it is also good to be responsive, especially when you want to reach out to inform your customers.
So that’s what we’ve done with the relaunch of hiresupply.com. You can now navigate through the website from any type of device better than ever before.
Developing a responsive website is a detailed process that produces a perfect storm allowing smooth and seemingly seamless transitions between the largest desktop browser windows to the smallest mobile devices.
We set you up for the best possible surfing experience.

Using the latest in ‘responsive’ website architecture, the layout adapts to various screen widths. Thus, you can view the site from a desktop computer with a large screen width (1200px or above), a notebook, tablet, i-pad or smart phone (767px or below) – even a cellular with a small screen.

Since you are already reading this, you probably didn’t need to know all those tech specs, but at least you got a quick refresher course on the various display dimensions available.
So the next time you’re out shopping for a new gadget, you’ll know better what you want and you’ll be one more step ahead of that persistent sales agent.

We hope you enjoy each of your visits to hiresupply.com every bit as much as we aspire to make it easy for you to grab great deals.